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Formula C has been Greenlit, thankyou for your support. It will be available on Steam soon.

Game Overview

Formula C is a time based racing game with gliding physics and VR support. The vehicle is a high speed, well balanced machine. However, the tracks are slippery and can be very complicated. This creates a challenging experience, that's very rewarding to perfect.

Features Include:
  • A number of premade tracks for a single player campaign.
  • A powerful, yet simple track editor for users to make tracks exactly as they want and Steam Workshop integration for sharing.
  • The ability to send challenges to friends, for them to respond when ready.

Server based multiplayer is planned as one of the next features to add. Where many players can race on the same track at the same time, to compete for the best time.


The game is currently available to pre-order for $8 USD on itch. The early access version will be available on Steam shortly (with a planned price of $10), before releasing the full version (expected to be $15). Buying the game now will be a big help during the final stages of development.

The game is almost ready for Early Access, just requiring a bit of work to implement some important Steam based functionality (made possible now that we've been Greenlit). The Early Access stage will be for players to help shape the final product. I'm not sure how long it will be in early access as I find it very difficult to accurately guess a timeline, instead I will focus to make sure it's a finished product, before selling it as one.

You can have a look at the news to see all the latest progress.

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